Need speaker cables match w/system?

I have MacCormack DNA-I with rev. "A" upgraded by Steve MacCormack, SNF line3 pre amp, SFD-2 MKII and SFT- I. I'm using the Kimber Bifocal xl speaker cables with JMLab 920. I would be appreciated if anyone might have known better match speaker cables for my system, thanks.
Hi Hanbt; What do you think of the DNA-1 Rev. A up-grade by Steve McCormack? (I'm considering having a DNA.5 up-graded). I use bi-wired runs of Synergistic Research Signature No. 2 with excellent results. It is mid-priced, detailed, neutral, and non-fatiguing. I auditioned mid-priced Cardas, and MIT before choosing the SR cables. I used these cables with McCormack's DNA-1 for 2 years, and now with the DNA-2DX-- they work great with both amps.
---Should have mentioned that I use a Sonic Frontiers Line 2 pre-amp, and Vand 3Asig. speakers.
DNA-I Rev.A is exellent! Bass is more dynamic and tighter, great image and more detailed. I'm about to have Steve upgraded my DNA-I's transformer the same kind of DNA-IIs. Steve told me that by upgrading the transformer, bass will be more definition, overall sounds better and I'll be happy. Also, I can get the money back with the old transformer if I'm not sastify, it'll cost me another $400. You had listen to DNA-II, I wonder if it sounds a lot better tha DNA-I?