Need speaker recommendations.

I need recommendations for speaker brand/models that can be placed relatively close to the front wall without degradation in sound quality. Say, within 1-2 feet. My front wall is ’h’ shaped (side view). There is a 1-ft deep ledge at the height of 2-ft 4-inch from the floor (imagine right half of the letter ’h’) and the overall height of the wall is 9-ft. Front to back wall is 18-ft.


Budget under US$8,000. Don’t care between stand-mounted or floor-standing. If a specific partnering amp/preamp are highly desirable (for any reason) please tell me why.





Heard the Volti Audio Razz speakers at the Capital Audio Fest 2021 show, they were singing all the praises an audiophile enjoys! The room was consistently full of listeners that were not talking, just enjoying the music.

In my opinion, they are worth a consideration. On a personal note, I’m purchasing the mid range model, the “Rivals”.

“Enjoy the Music”

I was very impressed with the Joseph Audio Pulsars in my music room, about 2 ft off the wall.  My room is not as deep as yours, only 11 ft.  But I think that a pair of Pulsars is one of the great audio bargains because they hit way above their price point and sound great.  But speakers are like anything else in audio . . . Dependent upon room acoustics and your other equipment.