Need SS preamp that sounds like tube .

I love the tube sound, but I don't necessarily want the tubes. I currently run a CJ PV12. Does anyone have any ideas? My main problem is that auditioning is limited in my area. I am pretty confident that the SS CJ stuff will sound tube-like. But I don't even think there is a dealer in my area. Some needed information: run a Bryston 4B-ST for power, Meridian 508.24 for CD, some PMC FB-1 monitors for speakers, silver Audioquest cable all around. I would like to keep the damage under 5K. As for auditions in my area, I can probably find Bryston, Audio Research, Aragon, Meridian. Oh, I'm sure these stores are authorized dealers for a lot of stuff, but they don't carry some of the pricy brands in stock or as demo. Help would be appreciated.
Why give a hoot what people vote.I could care less if I was Negative 5000000.I am going to tell it like it is.The real issue is most people can hanle only so much truth.Give them the real story they cant handle it.
Want tube sound use tubes.Want sand grating on glass use sound use SOLID STATE.SOLID STATE MAY DISTORT LESS BUT ITS DISTORTION SOUNDS LIKE NAILS ON THE CHALK BOARD.Tube distortion sounds like music and is not fatiguing to the ear.
Now you proxy morons flame me.I dont care I stated the truth and if your way of dealing with it is to post negative votes vote away.
c'mon leafs - i tink yure generalizing a bit here. i've heard equipment that made nice music, both toobed *and* s/s. i've also heard equipment that i thought *dint* make nice music, also both toobed & s/s.

for me, personally, i've come to realize that, in order to get sound i like from a solid-state preamp, it's outta my price-range. for me to get sound i like from a toobed amp it's outta my price-range. so, for me, my retail $4600 toob pre & my retail $6k s/s amps work yust fine. of course, if i bought 'em brand-gnu, i couldn't afford *them* either... :>)

re: wotin', i agree it's a yoke - in fact, i find it quite amusing that my prewious post got +2 for delivery, -2 for content. especially ironic, since the point of my post was that i tink it's rediculous to wote negative yust cuz ewe may disagree w/someone... glad some geek disagreed w/me, but liked the way i said it! ;~)

regards, doug s.

I'm currently running a Bryston 4B ST with a Pass Labs Aleph P and the unbalanced Meridian 506.24. It is essentially a balanced setup as I have an RCA out to XLR cable from the CD to the Pass. As for sound, the Pass totally blew away the Cary tube pre amp I had-quieter background, no hiss at idle, more gain, taller & deeper soundstage, tighter bass and more detail. In fact, I'm so impressed with Nelson Pass gear that I'm selling my Bryston, which is only 7 months old, to get either a Pass or Threshold amp. Also, I'd like to mention Stealth cables. Serguei, who runs the place, is an extremely helpful individual who not only has a tremendous product, but is quite knowledgeable. Plus his cables are very reasonable. Cost wise I paid $1,100.00 (used) for my Aleph P and had it completely reworked/retrofitted by Pass Labs for $500.00. The Meridian 506.24 (used) cost $1,000.00. Bryston was $1,700.00 (used). Stealth cables (both silver, one balanced, one RCA to XLR) were $312.00 (new). Speaker cable $13.75 per foot (new, AQ Crystal single bi-wire). The speakers I have I stole for $665.00 (retail $3,400.00) I consider myself a true budget audiophile & there are deals to be had. Full retail price of my system around $12k, but I have under half that invested. My system has great detail & a very nice soundstage with plenty of headroom & presence.
For a better explantaion on Tube VS Solid state.Pick up the latest issue of Listener and read Harvey Gizzmo Rosenberg article.
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