Need stand for LG TV and Sonus Sound-bar model help

My LG TV OLED 42” TV is installed in our small room, and I am interested in a Sonus soundbar (model # is TBD). The problem is my LG TV IS TOO LOW and it needs to be raised for the sound bar to fit. Any suggestions on how I can raise the TV? The current clearance is about 1.75”. Mouting the TV on a wall is not an option. Thanks.

Any suggestions on what Sonus Soundbar model I should look at? I plan on using an HDMI ARC cable from the TV to the Sonus. Thanks.


I just cut a 4” x 8” wood stud I had laying around and stained it the color of our TV cabinet. Took a few minutes, raised the 65” TV by 8” giving room for our large Sennheiser sound bar in the bedroom. 

 Maybe if you're lucky you won't find an answer and will move away from the sound bar.

I made a 6" high riser, open front; 2 ends and back. Put 1/2" thick glass on the riser (local glass shop), TV on the glass. I had matching wood, you could simply paint it matte black, or stain if you are good at matching. Or, pre-finished shelving, bottom and rear cuts won't show.

I put my horizontal Klipsch Center Channel in the space below the glass shelf. Get one with no rear port(s).

NECK PAIN: Donna is 5’, I’m 6’. We made temporary stacks of books under the TV to test the angle of your neck while watching, often a few hours. That gave us the height of the riser. Now verify you have enough height for your center channel (including future change.

New version of ours

Ours, new

I bought used, only the front shows below the glass shelf, black is easy to touch up

REFLECTIONS: Ours didn’t change, but when making temporary stacks of books to establish height, check the reflections, see if something becomes problematic.

Our Klipsch center channel has a black fabric front that is magnetically on or removed. You might want to verify that.


btw, Home Depot will cut boards for you, both width (height of riser), and either you or they cut the lengths, less critical as only rear corners. Couple of rear corner angles or glue blocks, ....

btw: The Klipsch are VERY efficient, more than likely a good bit more than your f/l and f/r speakers.

Thus you need to adjust the volume output in your AVR like I had to.

You mentioned a sound bar. Ideally you want a center with efficiency close to your f/l and f/r.