Need suggestions for a $1500 used system for my daughter.......

She just purchased her first house and she wants good sounding music playing soon! Yes, it seems I influenced her. 100% Tidal streaming. I will make all cabling for her. Small floor-standers or book shelf speakers.   Can be separates or an all in one. Needs to have a nice smooth and warmish sound.  She dislikes top end sizzle or bite. Full bodied sound is needed! Can be tubes, but only small signal tubes .... no power tubes.  Ok Agoners please offer me up some killer options! Most likely used with my small budget, but who knows?! Thanks in advance. 

I am on it! Problem is she is far away.  Need two flights to see her.  One to see what’s in there and one to do the work 🙂

Unless you know the values?
I don't know the cap or resistor values. I owned the Osprey about 15 years ago but they were stock. That was before I started getting into the the crossover tweak mode. 
   I recall reading somewhere that it was beneficial to upgrade the crossover caps in the Osprey, even though it is a simple 1st order, the manufacturer used middle-of-the-road caps and resistors.
  Even stock, the Osprey sounded great. I only sold them because I was going through a divorce and everything had to go.
  Here is a link to a Canuck Audio ad where the seller just sold a pair of Osprey that he modified. Note that he replaced the mid drivers with a better Scan Speak driver. He also modified the crossovers. 
  I emailed him to ask him if he had kept records of the original values of caps and resistors and he said he thinks he kept a record in his computer and would get back with me later. I'll post again if he gives me the info.
Used Spica 50's or 60's on 1-1/2 foot metal stands.  A NAD amplifier or receiver (if she likes FM as well as streaming).  You are done, other than the streaming device.  And well under $1500.  My experience ..... todays young adults, even if they love music, want it not to dominate their living spaces.