Need suggestions: High pitched female singers

I could use some suggestions of female singers with high pitched voices. I enjoy making ‘Best of’ CD’s and this is the latest one I’m working on.

So far I have:

Kate Bush
Sabrina Carpenter
Bif Naked  
Missing Persons
Teresa Brewer
Nancy Griffith
Asteroids Galaxy Tour
Millie Small
Viva Voce
Kasey Chambers
Yolandi Visser
Blossom Dearie


Annie Haslam!

Five+ octave range, near perfect intonation, Great power, control, and dynamics, and loads of emotion.

She was the lead vocalist for British prog band, Renaissance. 

Longish tracks, with classical influences, great keyboards, and Annie's vocals floating over it all.

Touching Once

Ashes Are Burning





Nana Mouskouri is the best selling female artist in the world. I haven't read the whole thread so someone may surely have mentioned her. if you are talking about the female singers with the high little girl voices, I have some names I can give you that isn't included in the female jazz singer thread. It isn't everyones cup of tea.