Need suggestions on efficient book shelf speakers for a Pass Labs XA3.5

*sorry amp is XA30.5 -will not let me edit headline.
My current speakers are KEF 201/2 which have a low sensitivity of 85. Amp is only 30 watts class A. Sounds good but the volume is limited. Hoping more efficient speakers will provide greater volume? Looking for suggestions in the $2k -4k used or $3k- 8k new.


@puffbojie Benchmark DAC 2 with built in pre? I would seriously consider a good linestage to go with the XA30.5. I just sold my Benchmark DAC3 HGC that I tried as a preamp for few days (it was sold due to a DAC upgrade and not because preamp in it wasn’t up to the task).
While it was accurate, it was no match to my Pass XP-12 when it comes to dimensionality, soundstage and natural tone. Also, in my experience Pass amps sound best when run using balanced interconnects. Going from benchmark into pass balanced should result in higher gain and lower noise floor. Give it a shot.

Focal Aria 906s work great with a FirstWatt F8. Conservatively rated at 89.5 dB sensitivity.


I’m running Harbeth C7’s on my bookshelves with a Sugden IA4 (30w Class A). Great tandem. More recently I added a little REL HT1003 sub and I like the extra oomph. Streaming only with this setup with Bel Canto DAC and Streamer.

@audphile1 I actually have those benchmark-made cables where one end is rca and the other is balanced.  Do you think those would work at all?  Otherwise I might get some balanced cables and see.