Need suggestions on efficient book shelf speakers for a Pass Labs XA3.5

*sorry amp is XA30.5 -will not let me edit headline.
My current speakers are KEF 201/2 which have a low sensitivity of 85. Amp is only 30 watts class A. Sounds good but the volume is limited. Hoping more efficient speakers will provide greater volume? Looking for suggestions in the $2k -4k used or $3k- 8k new.


You may want to attend the SpeakerFest event August 27th in the Phoenix area.

Nearly 20 different makes of standmounts to be auditioned. Two are models

new to the market and making their debuts. Bonus -Raffling off the Elac Reference

Unifi UBR62 speakers. $1,200 MSRP.  Also Special pricing on Bucharts, LSA,

Tekton and Totem. Details on

Another thought on your speaker quest. I also own a low power Pass

INT 25 amp. I would suggest you adds subs. 

The Pass is great. Keep it. I use the REL T5X sub.

I listen at 65-70dB. You are much higher.

Brands I like: Totem, Sonus faber, Fritz, ATC

That's a wonderful amplifier.   Try ZU AUDIO or Klipsch. Tannoy as well.