Need suggestions on efficient book shelf speakers for a Pass Labs XA3.5

*sorry amp is XA30.5 -will not let me edit headline.
My current speakers are KEF 201/2 which have a low sensitivity of 85. Amp is only 30 watts class A. Sounds good but the volume is limited. Hoping more efficient speakers will provide greater volume? Looking for suggestions in the $2k -4k used or $3k- 8k new.



With 30 watt class A you do not need sensitive speakers. That’s like 60w class A/B or 120 watts class D. 

Really depends on what sound characteristics and improvements (besides sensitivity) you’re looking for.  That info would help a lot in making better recommendations. 

You should look at NSMT 15SE. They are built and sold out of North Carolina. Fabulous speakers that work with most all amps, certainly yours.

I use them with a Naim NAIT 2...20 watts/channel.

$1995 list factory direct

The good news is LSA makes a few book shelf speakers that could rock your world. The bad news is you have to be willing to suspend disbelief and give them a shot as they are < $1500

I'm rocking the Closer Acoustics OGY with a 10W Tripath TA2024 amp and a REL T5x. 

The OGY are very efficient, very revealing and very well built. The sub provides the extra "oomph" for rock music and movies. The OGY excel at dialogue clarity. They're tiny bookshelf speakers, so don't expect deep bass.