Need tonearm recommendations

I recently upgraded my cart to a new Grado Statement 1, their top cartridge. That has kind have left my old RB 250 behind.
All of this is working with a Basis 1400 TT.
My needs are simple. I want a good sounding arm that is not fussy. I am not into weighing my records or making adjustments on the fly. I also do not have plans for swapping out carts or wands.
Looking for simple setup. great sound, and good value.
Discontinued version Origin Live Silver mk2 arms are put up for Ebay auction regularly by O.L. at a low start price. It meets your criteria if not bid up too much.
I have the OL silver mk II and its a very good arm and I would rec for that tt. also consider RB301, and other OL arms.not fussy at all.
I am looking around for something used. The question is of course to decide if putting more money in this rig is smarter than replacing the table and arm?
The Rega Arm can be rewired, that is a good step for a good Arm (Incognito Wire Kit for example). Basis has outstanding Tables, ask him to upgrade yours.
i went from Rega 300 to a Hadcock 228 on my Basis 1400, big improvement in sound and a flawless tracker. I used it first with a sumiko blackbird and now an ortofon jubilee... I like it so much I kept it on my Basis 2200.
Send your arm to Audiomods and have them make you a new arm. their product is exceptional and they are great to work with. You can save a lot by supplying them with a RB250.
I am extremely pleased with the Vector arm and I highly recommend it if you can get one reasonably priced. I was never a fan of unipivots, but the Vector is totally stable and handles like a conventional arm. Also, it was designed to be properly set up by anyone with basic turntable skills and Basis will sell you a DVD of Conti doing the setup. Once set up, it's about as fuss-free as it gets.