Need Tube Preamp Warmth

I’m looking for recommendations for a tube preamp with a warm presentation, good soundstaging and imaging, and low-end extension.
It will replace my Rogue Perseus Magnum, which is a detailed, neutral sounding preamp with a great amount of extension in the highs. Even using Mullard Longplates, I’m not getting the sound I want.

The preamp is paired with a Sunfire 300 which has an input impedance of 42 kOhms and input sensitivity of 1.64V. (Single-ended).

The rest of my system is comprised of:
Linn Axis TT
Gallo CL-3 speakers
Purist Audio Aqueous speaker cables
Cardas Parsec ICs
Audience PowerChords

The ideal preamp will reproduce classical music in an organic and natural way. (Not looking for vintage).
My budget is $2000 to $2500 used. Any help is much appreciated.
Larkston, the UV-1 looks like a hell of a nice amp for a great price and I like the sound of 6SN7 tubes.

Pops was kind enough to give me his impression of the UV-1 vs. his CJ preamp and I do like the CJ house sound. Although, I find myself periodically googling the UV-1 thinking that I could make the move on that pre and probably be very happy.
Thanks for your input.
Lowrider, Pops was describing the Dehavilland UV, not the Atma-Sphere UV-1.

BTW Dick Olsher has a review of the UV-1 in the latest issue of TAS.
Just to be clear, I was talking about the Atma-Sphere UV-1 in my post. I'd really like to hear one of those myself. Ralph, do you have any dealers in the NYC area? I don't recall ever seeing any of your products. Maybe in Singer a long time ago, but I'm not sure.
We have a dealer in NYC but he does not have the UV-1 in stock. Not many dealers do at this point- Essential Sound in Chicagoland is likely the closest right now.
Atmasphere, thanks for correcting my mistake.
I spoke to USA TUBE AUDIO and they're out of stock, but expecting more UV-1's to arrive.