Need your comments on Rythmik subs and others

I'm looking for a very musical sub to incorporate with a set of mini-monitors. I've been reading the threads and investigating the usual suspects. Rel seems like sub thats easy to blend in. I could get a T series but I havent read many opinions on em. The Rythmik seems like a good value. My speakers go down to about 90Hz so I'm not looking for a door slammer speaker. Just something that plays smooth and quick. I had an old Paradigm ps 1000 v-4 in the system (borrowed), but those are really hard to find. I'm looking to keep the cost down to around $1000. What say you?.....thanks
I've owned quite a few subs over the years from Rel, Audio Pro, ADS, Velodyne, Paradigm, Energy, Mirage, Canton and B&W. I currently have a Rythmik sub based on the 12" kit and I think it's the best sub I've ever owned. Bass is fast, tight and accurate without being overbearing or bloated.
The Rythmik 12" subs (I own a pair) are very, very good for music. Some models from SVS, JL, and a few others probably outperform them <30hz (if you believe test results), but there's little to no music there. The variable "Q" is a great feature to help achieve seamless integration.

However, as usual, I agree with Bob. Bass management (I use Velodyne SMS-1 with an NHT x-2 active x-over, but SVS makes a competing unit that is well regarded) is critical to getting best results.

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I second the suggestion on the SVS SB12+. I had a pair of them and sold them to "upgrade" to a pair of ULS-15's. I've regretted the swap ever since. While the ULS-15's go lower, and louder, they can't match the SB12's smooth, quick, and musical presentation.

The ULS-15s are an excellent choice if you're looking for HT, but for music, the SB12 are highly recommended. They're between runs of the old and new design, but you should be able to find a used one under you budget.
I know that these monitors are notoriously difficult to merge with a subwoofer. thanks Bob and Prpixel

Prpixel.....what speakers do you use with the Rythmik sub?