need your help again.............

i now know there is something to upgrading interconnects and speaker wire. my dilema is for the pre to pwr amp connect which is better. i am thinking of kimber kable hero, and audioquest king cobra or diamond back. they both seem to have good reviews. any one that has had dealings with these two are others in this price point let me know. i also like cardas cables as well. i have a conrad johnson 2300a and 2500a power amp and pv10a and pv12 preamp.
I used to have audioquest king cobra but swapped it out with xlo reference ic's .More defined bass more detail and just better in my system. All my cables bar two are xlo and this has been a very positive step. Hope this helps.
pops110 are they very expensive..... and how did you like the king cobras. and what type of system did you have.
I thought the cobras were great until I heard the xlo, so my advice would be , if you don't have much spare cash go for the cobra but if you have a little more keep the xlo in mind. But at the end of the day try as many cables as you can and buy what fits your budget and sounds good to you. The xlo reference ( nos type 1 I think) that I bought cost $350 Australian . But were terminated with top quality wbt bananas by my dealer. In my system they better the cobras in every area. You can look at my system in the systems pages. Hope this helps. Cheers
pops110 got a pair of used taralabs vec 2's, from the cable guy as suggested by the krell guy. they did sound somewhat different than the aq's i brought. will try the xlo's as well. thanks for your advice.
No problem, hope it doesn't cost you too much trying different cables but it really is the best way to find out what works best for you. Cheers