need your help for sony ubp-x800

how do you hook it up to the stereo, I have a Conrad Johnson pv 12. it only has hdmi, lan line and coaxil line in the pre amp don't have a hdmi in the back. is there a converter plug I could use. if not the has to go back.......

All of the output you described from the Sony are digital and your CJ pv-12 only has analog inputs. A simple converter plug does not exist which converts digital to analog. You would need to buy a DAC which will accept HDMI (not sure which ones do) or a DAC that accepts coax (most DACs, except those that are USB only). A decent DAC is going to set you back a couple hundred dollars (minimum) and can cost up to several thousand dollars.

Do you already have a digital source, such as CD or DVD player? Do you already have a DAC you can use? Some hi-end CD players and DVD/BDPs have inputs so you can use the DAC built into the player for an external source.

Take it back and get something with analog outputs. For $300 they should have at least given you a way to connect it to your stereo.
thanks, reubent. talked with my friend at audio advisor, said the same thing.  decided to send it back and get the oppo instead.... thanks for the update.
sfall, as you can see that exactly what  I'm doing.....
"sfall, as you can see that exactly what I'm doing....."

Yes, but you made your decision after my post, and you were asking for options.

"if not the has to go back......."