Need your LP purchase assistance

I will very shortly be adding analog to my existing system. While I have over 1000 cds, I have no vinyl. I'm hoping that you analog guys can steer me to a soldi 50-75 LPs to start off as the backbone of my LP collection.

I'm looking for your top 3-5 that are jaw-dropping lps in terms of sound reproduction as well as content. I have a highly resolving system and am counting on your response to give me a reason to keep my analog gear as well as digital.

Thanks for your assistance. :-)
Rickie Lee Jones - Self Titled - 45rpm or Steve Hoffman 33rpm reissue
Gary Karr - Adagio D' Albinoni - Cisco/King Analog
Blood, Sweat & Tears - Self Titled 45rpm
Neil Young - Live At Massey Hall

Tie for 5th:
Fleetwood Mac - Rumours 45rpm reissue
Lightning Hopkins - Goin Away 45rpm reissue

Yeah, those damn 45s are so pricey, but many are the ones you always want to play! Cheers,
Spencer -thank you for the list - I will start looking for them this week.
Schubert - no it really doesn't, in this case. I listen to everything, especially if very well recorded.