Need your LP purchase assistance

I will very shortly be adding analog to my existing system. While I have over 1000 cds, I have no vinyl. I'm hoping that you analog guys can steer me to a soldi 50-75 LPs to start off as the backbone of my LP collection.

I'm looking for your top 3-5 that are jaw-dropping lps in terms of sound reproduction as well as content. I have a highly resolving system and am counting on your response to give me a reason to keep my analog gear as well as digital.

Thanks for your assistance. :-)
Theo - thanks

Zd543 - because there is not enough of me to go around. I also don't have years and years within which to make these choices. I of course will make the ultimate choice of what I purchase. I believe that by vastly shrinking my purchasing universe based upon my fellow audiophiles' favorites, I will come across many, many more high quality albums than I ever could on my own.
Warren Haynes Band Man In Motion
Joni Mitchell Court And Spark
Wayne Hancock Swing Time
This may help...
Agree with PBN's suggestion. Also check Elusive Disc.

On the home page look at the left hand column under Browse. Click on "Elusive Disc Picks". That will open to music recommended by various sources. Click on any of the names and it will open to give you a choice of formats, including vinyl.

Have fun.