Need your LP purchase assistance

I will very shortly be adding analog to my existing system. While I have over 1000 cds, I have no vinyl. I'm hoping that you analog guys can steer me to a soldi 50-75 LPs to start off as the backbone of my LP collection.

I'm looking for your top 3-5 that are jaw-dropping lps in terms of sound reproduction as well as content. I have a highly resolving system and am counting on your response to give me a reason to keep my analog gear as well as digital.

Thanks for your assistance. :-)
That's a very tall order with no hint of your musical tastes. I took a look at the Acoustic Sounds list to see if my favorites were there. Two out of three isn't bad. My choices would be "Tea for the Tillerman" (Cat Stevens); "Court and Spark" (Joni Mitchell); and "John Wesley Harding" (Bob Dylan). Your choices may vary but you won't go wrong with these titles.
Thank you all very much so far. My musical tastes are pretty much all over the board, so I really appreciate all suggestions.

A side benefit I hadn't counted on is that I get to build another music collection with favorites that are not in my digital collection, as well as new music I was unaware of. Bringing back all sorts of great memories.
Another good source would be the book, "1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die", (Robert Dimery).
Don't forget to buy a good record cleaning machine. You need it even for new records.