Need your recommendation on a 5 or 7 channel amp

I'm new to this site and need some recommendations on 5 or 7 channel amps. My current home theater system consist of the following:
  • Sonus Faber - Sonetto III front speakers
  • Sonus Faber - C1 center
  • Sonus Faber - in wall rear 562
  • Marantz AV 7706 processor
  • Golden ear XXL sub
  • Sony 325ES projector
  • SI screen
Amps that I'm looking at are as follows and would like some input which to get or other recommendations:
  • Parasound A52+
  • Parasound A51
  • Audio Control Savoy G4
  • MarantzMM 8077
Thanks for your help!!
Thanks for the detail information - very eye opening. I will look at the ATI amps.
What about Anthem?  I have their AVR, just curious what the opinions are on the stand alone amp
Likely current capability.  The AT182x series uses smaller power supply capacitor banks and I don't think it's a fully balanced/differential amp (it's a single-ended amp board instead).

AT1820: 22,400uf power supply capacitance per channel, 4 output transistors per channel

AT4000: 46,200uf power supply capacitance per channel, 12 output transistors per channel

AT6000: 59,400uf power supply capacitance per channel, 16 output transistors per channel

In laymens terms, the transistors are what generate the output voltage/current required to drive the speaker.

The AT4000, being a fully balanced/differential design, will have a stronger control over the speaker drivers and likely have more punch/drive when compared to AT1820.  The bigger power supply of AT4000 will result in stronger bass/midbass and also smoother audio through the rest of the frequency range.  That being said, the AT1820 series is likely still better than the Savoy G4.
I can get a pretty good deal on the ATI4027 @ $3960 and the ATI1827 @ $2400, but with out previewing either one which would you prefer? Sonically will I really hear the difference between these and with a $1,560 price difference do you really think it's worth it, or should I entertain an ATI 4023 for the front 3 speakers and an ATI 1824 for the rears and Atmos speakers predicated the cost is the same as the above configuration as the ATI 4027? Buying with out previewing is my biggest concern. Thanks!!