Need your recommendation on a 5 or 7 channel amp

I'm new to this site and need some recommendations on 5 or 7 channel amps. My current home theater system consist of the following:
  • Sonus Faber - Sonetto III front speakers
  • Sonus Faber - C1 center
  • Sonus Faber - in wall rear 562
  • Marantz AV 7706 processor
  • Golden ear XXL sub
  • Sony 325ES projector
  • SI screen
Amps that I'm looking at are as follows and would like some input which to get or other recommendations:
  • Parasound A52+
  • Parasound A51
  • Audio Control Savoy G4
  • MarantzMM 8077
Thanks for your help!!

@wheelndeal1099 - interesting.  I would like to hear your thought once you get the 3300 burned in.  I'm wondering if you might feel somewhat of a mismatch here.  The PS Audio BHK is a nice amp, but it's somewhat on the mild side (unless you replaced the input stage tubes).  The McIntosh is also laid back.  The ATI, on the other hand, is very likely to be fast responding and very forward in comparison to the BHK/McIntosh.  It could get a little bright, especially with those Kef metal dome tweeters.


The McIntosh was a bit too laid back for my tastes.  With the BHK, I have rolled the tubes and can still get it brighter if I want to change the tubes again to a better Amperex tube.  I am curious how the ATI will work with the BHKs for movies.  I'm willing to test the combo and see how it sounds.  I'm also curious how the Kefs will sound with the ATI, not that I plan to run my mains off this amp.  

Like most people on here I like to play around with different combos and see how they sound.  


Saying Parasound is rolled off may be system dependent, I've been using the Halo series on my mains in my combined setup for years. They have air , nuance and gut wherenching current in reserves ,which goes hand in hand for the dynamic peaks Hometheater can demand.

I use a Parasound amp and I don't think that it rolls of either.  Marantz is notorious for that.

Yeah, I never said that Parasound rolls off the high frequencies.  If you read carefully, my quote was "but they have a dry type of sound and they do not have the highest resolution in high frequencies".  I have tested Parasound JC1 and A21 amps in my system.  I have an extremely high resolution system using rhodium plated connectors everywhere and B&W Diamond tweeter speakres.  I have tested several different amplifiers in my system and my description of Parasound stands.  I'm not saying this isn't a good amp, but combining Parasound with Sonus Faber may not be the right answer, especially for home theater (and other reasons such as gold-plated connectors being very common in systems).