Needed subwoofer Recommendations.

I'm looking for a great budget sub, used,under $500.00
Any suggestions? I dont want boomy bass,so I'm looking for tight and articulate.

This is for a small TV room,used with some really good little Wharfedale 8.1 speakers, running stereo off an refurbished Accuphase E-202,Sony dvd HDMI.

If someone has nominated your choice, by all means, type an, I agree with suchandso, and their choice, that will help me choose too.

I'm extremely happy with a Sunfire HRS-8 in my bedroom system utilizing Epos M-5 bookshelf speakers. This sub is a 10 inch cube that integrates seamlessly and provides very satisfying bass. It should be in your price range. -Lars-
although I agree with Gary about HSU, I would like to add that I have owned both the HSU VTF-3 and the HSU VTF-2 Mk 3. The latter a later revision of the HSU VTF-3. The HSU VTF-2 Mk 3 has bass extension that goes considerably deeper and has vastly better control. There is also the HSU VTF-3 Mk 3 which would only be needed for an extremely large room. all 3 of these subs should be available used for under $500.
I second the HSU brand. I have a VTF2 in my bedroom system along with two pair of Bostaon Accoustic A70s for L&R and I love this sub.
I have a VMPS Larger and it works fine, but I'd rather refer you to craigsub's thread under AVSForum, where you'll find probably the most thorough subwoofer comparison I've seen. Try doing a search there for 'craigsub'.

For a small room, the concensus would be a Hsu or AV123 brand...
Thanks for the comments everybody! I have a little research to do and someplace to start looking.