Neighbor Complaining...

I moved recently to a new apartment, and my neighbor is already complaining of the noise... :) Right now I have my speakers (Quad 12L2) placed closed to the shared wall, now, would it make a difference if I place the speakers against the other wall (which is not shared), and facing the shared wall?

Plus, any other tips on how to deal with this would be appreciated as well.
Thanks guys... I am in San Francisco and just got a loft downtown in one of those old office building converted to condos... The floor seems solid, probably concrete, but not sure if the walls are concrete... Not even the new high rise buildings would have concrete walls, no?

Anyways, I am going to work with them and move the speakers to the other wall and see if it still bothers them, and maybe work out a schedule when I can enjoy my music.

And Ed, yeah, I would definatly want to get together still... Will let you know... probably in a couple of weeks or so..
I have resided in apts. for 30+ years. I am also the mgr. at this building,going on 20 years. What I do is; when the apt. next to me is empty, I go into that apt at say 3am. I listen carefully so I know at what point the sound comes through the walls. During the daytime,on weekends I may pass the certain level by just a taste. BTW, there isn't an apt below me. I only have one wall to worry about. This is a 2 story complex.
Most of the time the loud stuff comes from movies 'cause I also do HT. It ain't just the action scenes. The other day in a relative quiet scene comes this low rumbling which I knew had to be heard next door. Regular 2ch sound is more fixed,i.e.w/o the dynamic swings of Blue Ray sound tracks.
I have Sophia 2's and they might be down a few db's at 25 but it's still there.
My neighbors have a 5 year old and it can be heard but I never would say a thing. Can we say coexistence?? I guess one just needs to find the sweet spot where the least amount of sound goes through the walls. Get floor-standers that go down to 30/35 and forget about a sub, period.
Toufu we never asked you the square footage not knowing it was a converted loft. I would say it's not concrete but sheet rock over old construction "wood and plaster". I gather the building is sprinkled and up to code, because lofts usually are not fireproof or have fireproof staircases. I only say it for you to make sure you have apt insurance and try your best to have all receipts.
Schipo, that is quite a message you left for Toufu. I guess you are trying to be helpful but geez louise.
So I came home and moved my speakers to the other wall and played one of my techno record and ask the neighbor if they could hear it, and guess what? Nada! Life is good again, I am back, baby!
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