Neighbor Complaining...

I moved recently to a new apartment, and my neighbor is already complaining of the noise... :) Right now I have my speakers (Quad 12L2) placed closed to the shared wall, now, would it make a difference if I place the speakers against the other wall (which is not shared), and facing the shared wall?

Plus, any other tips on how to deal with this would be appreciated as well.
So I came home and moved my speakers to the other wall and played one of my techno record and ask the neighbor if they could hear it, and guess what? Nada! Life is good again, I am back, baby!
Bostonbean I happen to know something about old loft construction and fires.I worked in this area in NYC for over 21 years, and lofts can be fire traps. That's why I gave this advice.And Bostonbean you sound like your full of gas GEEEEEZZZZZ.
Well, not so fast... I was blasting away Ride of the Valkyries (CBS, Szell, exellent, by the way) and she came knocking on the door... I am think of putting a big rug on the back shared wall and that should probably do it... Anyone know where I can get a cheap big rug and how to hang it?
Anyone know where I can get a cheap big rug and how to hang it?

Well ikea of course! Go to any carpet place and see if they seel those clips they use to hang the rugs they sell. but the rug will only cut out some the reflective sound and the high frequency stuff at that.

Absorbing low frequency sounds require many inches of thickness. Acoustic treaments can get pricey but could give you piece of mind of happy neighbors. Though I doubt if your small speakers are completely pressurizing your loft with bass so maybe it's just the echo/reverb that is affecting them?

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