Network Acoustics Products?

Fellow Audio Fanatics - 

I recently updated my Innuos ZENith mk3 to their 2.6 software. While I was initially incredibly impressed with the sonic upgrade. While the upgrade has provided a more resolving sound, I am now hearing some digital glare and harshness in the system. 

And I had just been sure I had things dialed in for awhile…! 

I’ve read some older forums where Network Acoustics and their filtering devices come highly regarded. I was hoping some of you with direct experience to provide some guidance. 

  1. What impact has the eno, muon or tempus products made in your systems? 
  2. While I don’t think I’ll be able to invest in the Tempus, wondering how big of a difference I would find between eno and muon? 
  3. Do I need to purchase a network switch to sit between my WiFi extender and the Network Acoustic Products? Sorry, but I seem to read contradictory things on that front… 

Thanks in advance! 






I have owned the NA eno system (filter + network cable) and currently own the NA muon system and also their USB cable.  The stuff is well-made and comes sensibly packaged in a sturdy box.  You get the impression of quality.

I might have heard a bit of softening using the eno, but nothing significant or that I considered detrimental to SQ.  I do not hear much of anything with the muon in the chain.  I could have lived with the eno.  These products are isolators using transformers to do the job.  Like a lot of this digital stuff, the growth and product development have left purchasers owning a slightly obsolete product shortly after purchase.  Such is the current state of the digital world.  Currently my isolation comes from judicious use of optical connections with LPSs and I hear no problems or artifacts resulting from those.  Some like the NA products because they do not require a power supply.  The benefit to you will depend on whether additional isolation reduces noise in your system.

Regarding switches, I use Bonn N8 switches (two) with LPSs and IMO the switch thing relative to the NA muon or eno is apples to oranges.  I see no reason you have to use a switch with the muon or eno to achieve the effect of the muon or eno.  If you want a switch for another reason, that is a different story.

Regarding the NA USB cable, it is well made and provides a nicely detailed, clear, and smooth presentation.  Not warm but also not strident in any way.  My best USB cable of those I own.

It’s funny audiotroy has the right product for each problem. I thought audio dealers were not allowed to sell f on the forums.