network storage servers

Good evening i want to run all my disc cds about 200 of them to media server for good sound quality with out paying big price im willing to spend about 1000. dollars on a server any suggestions

It kinda depends on what the digital output device will be that feeds your system... PC, Mac, Sonos, Transporter, PS3, the list goes on and on. Do you have a stand alone DAC or will you need convert to analog?

One idea that worked for me :

Feed the digital files into a Sonos via a NAS harddrive - I would suggest a simple, single drive NAS plugged into your home router. They pretty much have a 1,2,3 setup and run 24/7. I can connect to it via my PC and copy the files just like any Windows share. I am running a gigabit link so files copy fast. The Sonos picked it up just like a Windows share. It works perfectly and the NAS is available all the time without having to boot a computer. I set it up so after 30 minutes in inactivity the NAS shuts the harddrive down to save energy and make the drive last longer. As soon as I play a file - it spins up in about 15 seconds. I can run digital or analog out of the connect box and I can add more connect devices if I want to expand the system. I can control the music with my smartphone or tablet so no PC needs to be on to play music. It's Mac and PC friendly as well, so you can control Sonos with just about any device. You can tie zones together and have the same song play all through the house. I picked up the NAS for about $140 with a 1TB drive and the sonos setup with the wireless bridge was about $600. If you wanted a backup you could pickup a second USB drive and have the whole thing backup in case of a catastophic drive failure. Your still under $1000.

One note... check your files for proper ID3 tagging when you rip from CD. It's essential when you setup the library that the tags are correct. Some of mine got messed up so I will have to go through my collection and re-rip the stuff that was messed up. Probably not a problem for ripping programs like DBPoweramp ... some of my files were ripped back in the stone age.

Just one way to go ...
Check out the Votexbox appliances. They run "headless" (i.e., no monitor or keyboard needed) and are controlled from your laptop, tablet, smartphone or other computer. They can output directly to an amp or DAC, or can stream to another device such as a Sonos or Squeezebox player. Ripping and tagging is handled automatically and the units are very low power usage.

For a 200 disc CD collection, you'll need roughly 100 GB of storage in the WAV format (less in FLAC) and the smallest Vortexbox drive is 1 TB, so you'll be able to expand your collection ten-fold or more before you have to worry about running out of drive space.

They start at $429 depending on which features you need. See (My only interest is as a user.)
Mlsstl: can you help me with some further info on the Vortexbox. I looked at their website and did not see this info. For instance, if using the Vortexbox, is there a way of choosing/altering file format of ripped CDs, e.g., can one choose WAV, FLAC or any other format? Can one select a bit rate/word depth? Do you receive instructions on how to use the laptop/tablet to control the Vortexbox?

I am pretty new to this area of audio so my questions may be inane or ridiculous, and if so, I apologize. Regards, Rich