Network streamer that works with Android and Pandora

Omg all I want is a way to stream the usual things like Spotify, Tidal, my flac collection but ALSO Pandora. I know Sonos can do Pandora in their app but looking at alternatives that would get me the HD audio that comes through Master quality stuff in Tidal (eliminates Sonos). I use android and wife uses ios. She can use Airplay of course but id like to be able to occasionally control pandora from my android. Is something with chromecast built in my only option? What units have these - just the Cambridge and Uniti Atom? Basically I want a network streamer that can do high quality (higher than Sonos port for example) but also do Pandora and not over dumb Bluetooth. The Cambridge Audio CXN looks good but I'd loose the future ability to add a wireless speaker in the garage or something. HEOS and Sonos are attractive for that but then Sonos won't get me the master quality stuff in Tidal that I pay for. This is tough. 
Basically the requirements are:

1. Network steaming of Spotify, Tidal, HD files, and a non-Bluetooth Pandora option.
2. Wireless speaker technology if possible 
3. No amp - already have one - but if it did have an amp it needs to be large enough to power Ohm Walsh 4000s (150 watts maybe or more).

I'm sure what I'm looking for either doesn't exist or costs a million dollars. 
How about usb out from a Roku or Amazon fire box running the app?  That would do it.  
With a roku, wouldnt I need to have a screen in order to bring up pandora and stream it? The only screen I want involved would be our mobile devices. No TV planned.