Network Streamer using Wifi connected to a MHDT Orchid

I am tired of all the commercials with Pandora, YouTube, and Spotify and am looking to subscribing with Qobuz.  And, making that final step of getting away from streaming from a laptop.

At this time, I do not have an option to hard wire anything for online streaming and must rely on a wifi connection.  I am hoping for recommendations on new or used (high-tier) options with wifi capabilities to run a network streamer for online streaming and store files to connect to my MHDT Orchid.  At this time, I am happy with my Orchid using a 6922 adaptor and a Mazda 6922 tube.  I came across an old guitar tech. who knows how to change out caps.  So, I might go down that rabbit hole with the Orchid, as well...  Also, what interconnect would you recommend to use between the streamer and DAC?    Thanks!

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Get a wall wart wifi extender. Plug in next to audio system… then plug in streamer to this. I have, and know of a number of $150K systems running like this… and producing vinyl quality sound. This gets away from getting a streamer with internal WiFi. The internal ones typically do not work well anyway.


You will enjoy Qobuz and getting a real streamer. Big sound quality improvement. I recommend the best quality Aurrender streamer you can afford. I have the N100 and W20SE one at the low end and the second at the top end. Aurender only does streamers… they do them incredibly well. 

Pay to play. You can cough up for premium versions of all services mentioned. Or get used to stinkin’ commercials. Or enjoy silence.

One streamer plays Pandora radio stations commercial free - no charge.

Features are a bigger difference in streamers than SQ, Examples: Aurender doesn’t play with Roon; PS Audio and Metrum will not play local (USB) a non starter for me, some that do allow internal SSDs (Aurender, HiFi Rose), most are external only.

Capacitors? Red herring. Cost is ridiculous for any perceived improvements.

A $25 wifi extender has a better BT receiver than mostly streamers feature and gives you rock solid Ethernet.



I agree with @fuzztone regarding using a Wi-Fi extender.  I have no way to hard wire my Bluesound Node 2i and Node 2.  A member on this forum suggested the same solution.   I followed through and purchased two extenders, and haven’t looked back. They work great.  I am in the process of upgrading the power supply on the node 2i. This will determine if I upgrade the streamer in my main system.