Network Streamer using Wifi connected to a MHDT Orchid

I am tired of all the commercials with Pandora, YouTube, and Spotify and am looking to subscribing with Qobuz.  And, making that final step of getting away from streaming from a laptop.

At this time, I do not have an option to hard wire anything for online streaming and must rely on a wifi connection.  I am hoping for recommendations on new or used (high-tier) options with wifi capabilities to run a network streamer for online streaming and store files to connect to my MHDT Orchid.  At this time, I am happy with my Orchid using a 6922 adaptor and a Mazda 6922 tube.  I came across an old guitar tech. who knows how to change out caps.  So, I might go down that rabbit hole with the Orchid, as well...  Also, what interconnect would you recommend to use between the streamer and DAC?    Thanks!


Thank you everyone and for the idea of a wall wart Wi-Fi extender!  @soix the DH Labs USB cable is what I am using now. So, good to know I do not need to change it out.   Any recommendations on a Wi-Fi extender?  There are several out there. 

For the network streamer, I’m think price range of around $2,400 if this helps narrow the playing field. Not looking to go with Roon, at least for now. 

TP Link extenders are a solid choice. Here’s a nice Innuos Zen Mk 3 streamer in your price range that’d be a great choice, and I believe Innuos streamers are Roon ready if you ever decide to go that way although many are very happy using their excellent Sense app for both sonics and usability.

I went with the Innuos Zen Mk3.  It will be shipped out tomorrow. I like the cd ripping capabilities too. Can you use it as a cd transport?  I didn’t realize it has a Teac driver. Aurender was an option too, but everyone keeps jumping up the chain. So, I’ll look into them for a final upgrade way down the road. 

@soix and others. The link to the Cat 8 Ethernet cable. Is this something you have used and heard?  The link seems to offer a 22awg or 26awg. Which would be better?  I don’t mind spending more if this cable was, just, meant to get me going. But, if it is good, then nice on the price!  Then, a few comments I have read on Cat 8 cables state Cat8 can produce ground loops. Any thoughts on ground loop issues?  There were mentions of shielding or non-shielding, so this cable may not be an issue there. Admittedly, I don’t have the experience and knowledge others here do with real streamers, so I hope this made sense. 

I went with the Innuos Zen Mk3. It will be shipped out tomorrow. I like the cd ripping capabilities too. Can you use it as a cd transport?

Congrats! AFAIK the drive is only there to rip CDs into storage. I haven’t used the cable and was just going on other’s enthusiastic feedback here, but past that — and as always with cables — it’ll depend on what sound characteristics you’re looking for so maybe read some reviews of brands like Wireworld, AudioQuest, Audience, DH Labs, etc. and go from there.  If you go with the CAT 8 cable I’d get the 22 gauge and wouldn’t worry too much about ground loops, and even if you do have a problem you can easily just return it to Amazon.

Another vote for the Innuos Zen. Been using one for almost 4 years without a single problem. Zen simply gets out of the way and plays music. CD ripper is so easy to use. Innuos Sense software is good I couldn't go back to using Roon.  


Good luck!