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Thanks for the info. I was looking forward to the review of SW-8 but after learning about reviewer pedestrian streaming setup, I honestly don’t care what he says. No wonder he’s sour on cloud based streaming in his main rig…LOL!

On another note, Melco has up their game on S10 Ethernet switch by introducing their own external power supply.

Another entrant. Review pending on 6Moons:

LHY Audio SW-8 Network Switch

Thanks David.

It'd be very interesting if Srajan @ 6moons changes his view on streaming after adding the LHY SW-8.


Alvin Chee

co-founder of Beatechnik 

@alvin1118   Hi Alvin. You are welcome. And YES, it will be interesting to get Srajan Ebaen's take, given his self-stated aversion to streaming. : )

@tecknik I have never had an off the shelf switching power supply outperform a high quality LPS either.

But I want to try the Hypsos Ferrum, which combines both.

Grimm and other designers have been able to get their switching power supply to perform well, but that's a custom design for their streamer.

@sns "Without switch, images and sound stage wonderfully dimensional and life sized. With added switch, while there was a minute increase in lowest level information, image outlines were drawn too precisely, still three dimensional but with cookie cutter edges, not lifelike at all."

Switches have their own sound signature that probably takes the listener time to adjust to.

The big advantage of adding an etherstream2 for me was the reduction in harshness. I have compared it to other much more expensive switches and I think most of these high end switches are way overpriced.