Neuance or Z Slab shelf for Zoethecus rack???

I am buying a Z4R rack from Zoethecus. Is it worth the effort to go extra mile to get the Neuance shelves instead of the factory Z slab shelves??? I have heard different stories about both shelves' sonic effects. I am very confused and can't make up my mind which way to go. Thanks much for your kind inputs.
Ifatchoi- The two shelves are designed with very different approaches to isolation/absorption. Having some experience with both, I preferred the Neuance approach in the context of my system. Of course, YMMV. For what it's worth, the Neuance shelf provided a better transparency, nimbleness, and a general "openness" to the sound. Just one man's opinion.
I hate it when I agree with Jcbtubes but we have listened to both. I hear a consistant sound from the Zoe or a coloration. Some may like what i call the Zoe coloration. The Neuance sound is hard to describe probably because i don't hear a sound. I guess this is the highest form of praise that can be said of the Neuance. IMO, for whatever that is worth, the Neuance was a very easy choice between the two. This was a very easy decision for me to make. My Neuance sits on a Mana shelf. I have heard others get excellent results with a much less expensive approach. I can only guess since you have bought the Zoe rack that the Neuance will perform much better than the Z slab. If you find this not to be true, i will buy your Neuance board. i would think contacting Ken Lyon of Neuance can be the best way to find out if his shelves will perform on the Zoe rack. You will find him to be very helpful and will not steer you wrong. I think you will find this to be a very easy decision to make.
I agree with the description that jcbtubes gives to the Neuance gives to the sound. I haven't tried the other one.

I have never understood the popularity of the Zoethecus. The Manas killed it. And with the Badboy on top of the Mana, wow!