Neutral or warm? Which do you prefer?

I have 2 sets of speakers with different characteristics (among others I have).

One is neutral while the other one has more warmth to the sound.

I enjoy both on different music, but started wondering what do other members prefer?

What's "supposed" to be "better"? ... if there is such a thing in hifi.

Opinions of members here are most interesting and educational for me...
This thread is classic.

We can't even agree on the meaning of 'warm' or 'neutral', which are two of the most used audiophile descriptive terms.

It's hard to communicate if everything is subjective...
I changed my interface from a computer (USB DAC) from a warm one to a more neutral sounding one, and it just sings!

Thank you everyone for your input - made my day...
@Esprits4s, audio is a subjective hobby. Arguing for neutrality in audio reproduction is like arguing what color in a rainbow is closest to grey.
Yes, audio is subjective and certainly no product is 100% transparent as we all know. So we all spend time using words like bright, forward, warm, fast, slow etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. With that said we need a word that means that the product has the least amount of all those noticeable attributes.

If not neutral than what?









Neutral is certainly the word that should be used to describe gear that is not fast, slow, warm or bright. Neutral should be associated with gear that is neither tilted up nor tilted down.
Unfortunately, many folks use the word neutral to be associated with the opposite of warm, or bright gear, instead of truely neutral gear. If everyone understood what neutral meant, this confusion wouldn't exist.