Never heard an amp do this before, ideas?

I have a primaluna 100 unplugged from any inputs. It has this awful high pitched sound coming from the speakers when it's turned on. It happens on both channels, and through headphones.

I have turned off all electricity in the apartment, turned all breakers off except the one it's on, moved the amp around the apartment, tried a humx, and different power cables. I even replaced the unit with another primaluna and they both do it.

I'm running out of ideas, anyone ever seen this before?



@ieales yes, it has a headphone jack and I unattached the speakers, the sound comes through the headphones.

@knock1 I didn't know it's bad, but yes normally I have both speakers attached, I had been moving it around testing and wanted to make a quick video.

If your problem is RF interference (my guess) it is probably a misbehaving appliance at a neighbors. I once had my garage door refuse to work for a whole month, then all went back to normal.  

If you want to sleuth it out you can get a RF Dongle like this: RF Viewer — Low-Cost, Wireless USB Dongle, RF Spectrum Analyzer ( Once you find the misbehaving item it is within your rights to ask (demand) that they fix it. The FCC is the governing body so don't expect much help there. 

Call Kevin and let us know what he says. Most of us here are just guessing.  He should know.