Never heard of Sound Projects Baltimore?

I have know Joe Berky going on ten years now. He has fixed and upgraded speakers for me in the past to my great satisfaction. Well I finally decided to have Joe build me my own speakers. After a discussion of what equipment I had we decided to go with a tube friendly speaker. He suggested a ribbon tweeter design and frankly I was worried about sibilance. Well I picked up my pair of MS-R26. After listening many hours I have to say they are the best speakers I have ever heard. Plenty of dynamics with my Mcintosh 240.
My wife is even pleased with the maple veneer, and the tweeters are as smooth as butter. Thanks Joe!
Their prices seem very reasonable considering the quality of the parts they use. I wish they'd note the dimensions of the monitors on their website.

Your speakers look beautiful. I would love to hear them. Enjoy!!!!
Thanks for the information on Sound Projects. Will have to check them out since I live in the Baltimore area!