Never Use HiFi-Exquis - Worst Merchant Ever!

I made a purchase from Hifi-Exquis in China for a Muzishare 845 integrated amp.

I paid for Fedex shipping and the total cost was about $2400.

They sent it DHL in retail box without the second box and padding that comes with it from the factory. It weighs 100lbs. When it arrived the entire front plate with the controls and meter was broken off and the mounting screws sheared off.

It has been weeks now trying to get a refund but they refuse. They keep jerking me around asking me to fix it. The screws need to be drilled out and there is other internal damage to the selector switch and I would expect many tubes may have been damaged. They never mention there may be 1000V inside if I start poking around!

DHL will not open a claim for me. They say the merchant has to send a return shipping label. But they refuse.

Paypal says I have to ship it back to get a refund because that is their policy??? Since when? The merchant is responsible to pay for the return of damaged items.

So now it is with American Express to reverse the payment to Paypal (and thereby the merchant).

These guys are the absolute worst dealer I have ever encountered in buying anything in my over 50 years on this planet.

Yes I am a very stupid person for buying anything from a merchant in China. Learn from my mistakes.

I believe some Chinese products can be ok but personally I try my best to avoid them and buy USA made mostly to support our own County. There are many great US companies one I've supported is Bricasti. Yes maybe some parts are made overseas but that's unavoidable. Just my 3 cents worth.
AMEX reversed the payment and Paypal closed the claim. It still shows under review but looks like AMEX saved the day.

Lesson learned.

If you want to try Muzishare or Willsenton then I would suggest buying thru Amazon as they carry several of them now. You will be buying from TubeAmplifierStore which is China Hifi but you will have Amazon protection. And the owner of China Hifi did recently email me to apologize for past issues so I guess at least they are learning about the customer service that is expected in the west.

I bear no ill will to Chinese people. Their government is evil. but not the people. Having said that support your local business whenever you can and thank you for your comments.

Thanks for the update Calieng!

Kudos to American Express customer service for backing up their customer. We often forget how evil most banks are and in my experience AMEX always have your back. And no, I'm not an Amex employee. 
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