New 11' x 7' listening room....small speaker?

Due to a recent move, my listening room has shrunk to the above dimensions. Meaning whatever speakers I purchase will have about 1' from the back walls...1' from the side walls (5' in between) and about 7' from me. Any small speakers suggestions for a room this size?

I'd to note a strong disagreement with Albert, the 1.6's it will simply swamp the room in sound and will be most unpleasant. I'm not even sure with extensive room treatments could you absorb the acoustic output that will reflect around the room. Nothing worse than A dipole backed into a corner either. Boom!

Channel seperation if that is important to you will be non existent. I think he might have misread your dimensions.

A super speaker for your application would be the Elac 330.3 JET, ATC SCM10's, Focal SM6, Acoustic Energy AE1 reissues, Someones LS3/5a even if you like that sound.

Small speakers with a DSP EQ'd subwoofer 8" to 10" to give you full range and some bass control in the room. EQ is very important in small rooms.

You need something with a small footprint also, so my suggestion would be something like a Totem Sttaf, which is Totem's mini-tower. Great sound in a small package. Good luck with your search.

You might also consider Gallo reference 3's. I'm using them in a small room with great results.

I defer to your superior knowledge most of the time, but c'mon, his room is SEVEN FEET WIDE!!!!

Taking into account the width of the speakers, it would only leave less than 4 ft. between them even if they were touching the side walls. If you give them 1 ft. of clearance on either side you now have 22 inches separating the speakers. I'm sorry, but that won't work for any speaker, maggies especially.

Even if he sets them up on the long wall giving them 1 ft.(pretty lame for di-polar speakers) of clearance to the wall behind them and butting his couch up against the other wall, he is now around 6 ft. from the plane of the speakers. Not enough for maggies to integrate.

No, I don't agree with 1.6s in this application at all. The best he can do is a pair of mini-monitors on the long wall and listen in the extreme near field. At least that is my suggestion.