New Accuphase Cartridge

Any news on this from anyone. Could be interesting.
Dear Dgad: Do you mean this one?:

I own the AC-2 that's IMHO is a very good cartridge performer, if this one is at least at the same level or outperform it then seems to me this new model could be a winner.

Regards and enjoy the music,
From the Accuphase website:
"Unlike CDs, playback of analog records in high quality requires dedication and an understanding of the various aspects of the process, making the enjoyment of music with this medium a special and truly rewarding experience."

Seems like an odd thing for Accuphase to say, given their heavy investiment in digital playback. I guess the truth comes out.
I saw that too, and thought it quite a brilliantly-written bit of copy! Somehow it by itself doesn't really take any sides in the whole analog-vs.-digital thing, but at the same time nurtures a warm fuzzy feeling for those who might, indeed, take sides. All without being exactly a complete load of bulls&@t . . .