New amps


Is it ever necessary to move speakers when installing new amplifiers into a system. I am aware that when you buy new speakers, you need to determine where you get the best sound with them. But has anyone ever found the need to change speaker placement when changing an amplifier from the exact same system? 



Changing an amp is fun!


if you decide to muck round with speaker placement. Allow the amp a month to warm up first.

THEN, if you do, only move an inch, toe in or toe out.

if it sounded good with last amp, why ?



Agree with Bliss, If you go from high powered solid state to 8 watt 300B, or vice-versa, with the same speakers, you will probably be moving the speakers. 

Not sure why you would need to move the speakers because you have a new amp.

Aren't the speakers positioned so they interact properly within the room?

To best reproduce what is fed into them.

Their positioning should be the same regardless of which amplifier is connected to them.

If I am mistaken I would love for someone to explain it to me.