New Audiogon equipment search format.

This new equipment search format is awful! What in the world were you thinking?
The peephole photos are virtually useless and you are right to object to extra fees to display your items. I started browsing another dealer’s listings and gave up because of the peepholes. It defeats the whole point of showing photos.
Please return to the "list" format.  The new search format is terrible and if Audiogon stays with it then plan on user exodus from the site.  US Audio Mart looks better every day.  
Agreed, new one is awful.  Old list view was fine and void of cruft.  The new view has everything BUT what I searched on. 
" We will be introducing the ability to switch between the Classic View and the new Grid View in the coming days so that users have control over their preference."

Thanks AudiogoN for listening to your readers and taking action. Looking forward to the redesign.
Where is the "easy button"? Because this "new" design is anything but that.