New Audiophile going crazy

I've always been a music fan, play guitar and have dedicated HT, stadium seating and so on.  Beginning in about November I started collecting some vintage equipment.  A Kenwood receiver from the 70's, a nice Adcom amp
(GFA-555), Sonic Frontiers SFL-1 Signature.  Apparently that was just the taste I needed because I went into high gear at that point.  B&W 802's (series 80's), 805 Nautilus, HTM2 center and a thumping B&W sub.  I constructed a 2-channel system for my home office made of McIntosh C28 pre, a 2105 amp, Rega P3 and Pioneer 707 R2R and full set of Dalquist DQ-10 (sub unit and crossover) all in mint condition. And of course, all the Audioquest cabling to connect it all.  To go with all those Bowers & Wilkins I picked up a Mac MX135 and a MC7108 just this weekend.  House is wired for two channel in every room already so the multi-zone seemed a good choice.
Now, I'm sitting here looking at projectors to re[place the one in the theater.  I've become quite consumed with upgrading all my equipment.

That's since Thanksgiving.  Is there any hope for me?  I have to get this "Obsession" under control.  Any advice?
Sit back and listen to some music.
Be very Careful....................enjoy the ride or live with the consequences .
jj228 I had a system similar to yours when I started out Mac C28 pre, Mac 2205 stereo amp and Dalquist DQ-10 with a capacitor upgrade and a M&K sub.  Those DQ-10's do like a lot of current.  

I am currently in your position. Keep it up. Stay strong, never give in.... and I’ve got  some gear you should totally buy
Wow, that’s a crazy story indeed, OP.  Fun isn’t it?  You’ve got a lot more audio going on than, me though.  If I was modding 2+ systems instead of one, I’d lose it completely. For the love of god, clear out one or two rooms as next step, the focus on 1 with the proceeds.  You’ve got the audio virus, you just need to starve it a little.