New Aurender conductor V4 app

Just downloaded and am trying out the new version of Conductor.I like a few things about it immediately,mostly the added link to Wikipedia for artist info, but am not wild about having to make two actions instead of one to add a new song to the playlist. I get why you need to do that for the new features but Its a bit clunky.I think I,ll probably prefer it long term ,but just getting used to it now.Anyone else have any thoughts?


Is the entire app beta or just the Internet Radio vTuner? I got the impression it’s just the Radio vTuner.

I’ve always been disappointed that the Aurrender Conductor app doesn’t support Deezer. I use both Qboz and Deezer. In my opinion, Deezer is way more intuitive and easier to use!


Lovin' the Wiki link!

Glad I'm not dealing with this anymore. Replaced an Aurender with a Lumin and bought a lifetime subscription to Roon. Was really hoping that Aurender would have been compatible by this time... But the Lumin is really good anyway.


Now I think after using Roon I won't be able to go back to somebody's quirky interface.

Haven't downloaded yet. Does  the update show song selections on Radio Paradise like BluOS?

I used Conductor 4 last night and it is pretty good   Some new features like being able to choose the size of album art when viewing a grid 

The best feature is being able to render the image landscape.  I think it actually presents better and is easier to use landscape.  I hounded them about that.   

I have had the Beta V Tuner a few months and like it a lot   No album art when using V Tuner but it does show artist and song.  

new user feedback forum link too