New Aurender conductor V4 app

Just downloaded and am trying out the new version of Conductor.I like a few things about it immediately,mostly the added link to Wikipedia for artist info, but am not wild about having to make two actions instead of one to add a new song to the playlist. I get why you need to do that for the new features but Its a bit clunky.I think I,ll probably prefer it long term ,but just getting used to it now.Anyone else have any thoughts?


I can’t figure out how to re-order the songs in a playlist in v4. In v3 you put it in edit mode and the icon on the far right like 4-5 lines (not sure what you call it) would appear and you could drag to re-order the songs .. not available in v4. Using v3 still

They seemed to have changed things in V4 that worked fine in V3. whoever is in charge of their product management should be fired. You don’t fix what isn’t broken. And I haven’t seen any real-worthwhile improvements either. someone there doesn’t know how to product manage or upgrade-enhance software. 
I own the N200 by the way and use an iPad.
They will be getting a lot of feedback from me. But publicly calling them out for being stupid might help. 

I’ve downloaded Conductor 4. It’s terrible. I load songs into the queue and they are played in a random order even though I don’t want random play. What used to be easy to do is now not intuitive. Conductor 3 was much better. Why break a product that works. Someone needs to yank this app and fix it!