New Aurender N10

A technical numptie here.  I am upgrading from a Melco N1A to the Aurender N10.  A couple of questions

1.  Can I transfer my ripped cd’s from the Melco directly to the N10?  If so, how?

2.  With new cd’s, can I rip (FLAC) to my iMac (which is in a different room and only wireless), copy that onto a usb drive, then copy that to the N10?  Again, if so, how?

Thanks in advance 
I use my iMac to rip to flac.  then I open two finder windows, one for the external drive I ripped to and use as a backup, the other to the N10.  Then I just drag and drop
I rip my CD’s to my NAS as AIFF and then use the copy feature on my N10 to also have them on the N10’s hard drive. I especially like that the N10 will do Tidal and unfold Tidal MQA's to my MQA DAC.
Please give your opinion on the difference between the Melco and N10, SQ wise and ease of use.

I currently have a N1ZH and thinking of getting the N10, in two years the Melco has been in the shop twice.
There is bound to be confusion, now that Melco have released the Melco N10, a flagship, 2-box, music server that is a direct competitor of the Aurender N10: