New Beatles remasters

I bought 6 of the new remasters today in CD format. Abbey Road, Let It Be, Revolver, Sgt. Peppers, Rubber Soul, The White Album. They are discounted at Target to 11.99 buy 2 and get a $5 gift card. Great music and much more natural sound. You can play them at more realistic levels without the compression and glare of the lousy original releases. Your thoughts?
"Truly jaw dropping"

Yup, I just got my first cd (Rubber Soul) and that's the word for it alright - "jaw-dropping".
I also just got done listening to Rubber Soul, (my favorite Beatles album) and...WOW! My guys have got to hear these new releases. Just excellent.
all i can say its like waxing a 65' vett. they took great stuff and made it sound about as good as it gets. lps would be the cats ass. i only hope . white disc real close to the uk first press mono lp ,lackin in that ol lp body of tone . buy em an jus groove.
What is the difference between the import and the domestic version that explains the $333 price difference?!
the most rewarding cd purchase i've made this year. they pretty much exceeded my expectations(which were high) , and i think they've set a new standard for the old standby silver disc.....the songs have 'never' sounded better. eleven on a scale of ten.....haven't opened the mono box yet.