New Beatles remasters

I bought 6 of the new remasters today in CD format. Abbey Road, Let It Be, Revolver, Sgt. Peppers, Rubber Soul, The White Album. They are discounted at Target to 11.99 buy 2 and get a $5 gift card. Great music and much more natural sound. You can play them at more realistic levels without the compression and glare of the lousy original releases. Your thoughts?
Rubber Soul update - I received the stereo set today after listening to the mono for 2 days. The mono version of this album absolutely kills. As stated above, the stereo version has voices in only one channel for most songs which is annoying and just does not sound as good as the mono.

I'm sure it will be the same for many of the other early albums. I'm a completist so I wanted both sets however I will most likely never listen to the stereo version of anything pre Revolver if they are all channeled like Rubber Soul.
"I will most likely never listen to the stereo version of anything pre Revolver if they are all channeled like Rubber Soul".

Oddly, they're not. "Beatles For Sale " Stereo has the vocals channeled to the center. I had the same impression and ordered a Mono set from eBay. I might have held-off if I had known, but I'm really looking forward to hearing the Mono.

My boss (young guy) asked "are you sure it's not all geezers who long for the Victrola that are touting the monos?"...

I hope not!
I've just gotten three stereo re masters. Abbey Rd,White Album, and Peppers well, right off the bat the music is much more dynamic. All the bands voices and be heard when they harmonize. Paul's bass playing is unbelievable! Much richer and the music can be enjoyed at 90-95 dbs for the first time. I can't wait to get the mono versions.
Cbucki - Correct, it's just a few albums where the vocals are on one side only. Unfortunately, one of them is Rubber Soul. Another is With the Beatles. ANd most of the first album.

Lennon's vocals sound fantastic on these sets.
As much as I'm blown away by these cds. The Sgt.Peppers is the one I'm most impressed with the sonic improvement. Abbey Rd is better but not to the extent of Peppers! Just unbelievable. What blows my mind is that we as music/Beatles lovers had to put up with the old BS for the last 40 years! I mean what if we took all our music in existence and make it this enjoyable. It's just amazing what can be done with today's technology. Pepper's is recorded(the re master) better than most recordings today!