New Build

I am in the beginning stages of building my hifi system.

Here is what I have:

Spectral DMC-10 Preamp
Kinima G2 speakers
Pro-Ject 1.2 turntable w/ Ortofon Red
Magnum Dynalab FT-101

Here is what I need:

A power amp, or sell the Spectral and pick up an integrated.

I think I would like more inputs on the pre. I do use phono and have heard the Spectral is amazing at that. I will be fine with 3 inputs for now as I am only planning on adding a CD player, but wouldn't mind having XM and TV in the mix later on. (only have one audio set-up is desirable, but not mandatory...can always use a Onkyo etc to run the vid / XM)

If I sell the Spectral what is good phono stage or is there an integrated amp out there that has a decent phono onboard?

If going with a power amp, I want tube. Leaning towards

Audio Rearch vs55 or vsI55
Cary SLI-80
Manley Stingray??


What would you do?


You should seriously consider auditioning other (better) speakers before further upgrades, IMHO.
Speakers are definately in the long term works, but for now I can't afford it. (Have to focus on the amp side) I have not yet picked up the G2's but can get them for $400. Are the Kinima's that bad?

I have been using a set of JBL's from the '80's and they're doing fine. Re-allocate the $400 elsewhere perhaps.

Can you recomend a speaker in the $1k and under range?

New build's are a bit akward because I don't know a lot of the characteristics, but I'll learn as I go.
I would strongly consider selling the Spectral preamp, buying a used Cary SLI-80 integrated with phono, and then keeping the $400 and looking at different used speakers. The Cary should give you plenty of options, it has solid output, I would imagine any speaker that's 89db sensitive or higher with a nominal impedance above 6ohms would be fine. Many speakers quality, look at Reference 3A, JMlabs, Totem, and Zu, and many others. Just my .02, whatever you do take your time, have fun, and listen, listen, listen. Good luck!