New caps for preamp?

Preamp works & sound fine but is 14 yrs old.
Would new caps improve sound?
If so why, how.
Capacitor upgrades are one of the better ways to improve component performance.. The next upgrade would be resisters in the audio signal path.. it will improve speed, transparency and micro dynamics and is well worth it.. One of the main differences between the Mega Buck components is they use the best capacitors and resisters (clearly for a reason)... It is however very important to only replace them with the same exact values.. Some of the best caps I have encountered are Teflon Film Foil units, there are a few one the market but the Solen Green cased caps (yes Solen) have the best price performance ratio... They sound best after about 150 Hours of use.. On resister issue I think Tantalum are the best, Tantalum is not a brand however its the resister element used ( a rare metal ).. There are also some great sounding NOS carbon units as well... Research techniques and procedures a little If you are going to solder them in yourself... and have fun... Peace
Caps each have their own sound. You will need to identify what kind of a resulting sound you are looking for before you go down the replacement path.

If you're looking for open and airy and precise and clean and extended and textured, then teflons may be appropriate.

If you're looking for midrange warmth and texture and palpability, but are less concerned with top and bottom end extension or precision, then oil caps may be appropriate.

Yes, it's as much an art as a science, so talk to someone who has experience with different brands and types and can help you achieve your "optimal" sound.

Thanks to all. Sounds like I best just send this to the good folk at Spectral & that's my decision.