New caps for Spectral DMC 20?

15 yr old unit has always played flawlessly.
I'm thinking caps must have improved since 1994.
Would newer better caps improve the sound? Why? How?

I can't answer your question directly, however I can tell you that I just upgraded from a DMC 12 to a DMC 20 (just completely gone over at the factory) and the difference between the 2 units was dramatic. The sound stage depth was more pronounced and the overall sound was much improved in every way.

I made the orginal switch as the DMC 20 had a built-in phono stage.

Good luck, in what ever action you take.

Keep in mind that replacing what are considered inferior parts with
better parts ( wima, vishay,teflon caps, etc ) will change the sound but
it may not be better .
To A e watkins.
Thanks for comments. To really hear what your DMC20 is capable of you should experiment with ac conditioning & isolation. It created improvements in detail, delicacy, imaging, dynamics and spine tingling enjoyment in my Spectral/Mit system . If you like mail me at
Drjoe, I just looked at your system. I had the excellent Toshiba. You shd try the Lexicon RT20 RT20(avail ~$900). I found a great improvement.
Yes, better caps will make the sound better and yes, it should change it some depending on which caps you use. Most all caps, resistors, wire and etc. change the sound sometimes for the better and sometimes better but not what you was wanting. At first I would definitely change out the power (electrolytic) caps and increase them some if needed. That will bring some life back into your system. Then you upgrade the caps in the secondary power supply and maybe diodes depending on what kind are in there now. After that you will need to decide what change you looking for? More detail? More bass? Better mid-range and then choose the right caps to get that done, including maybe upgrading some resistors if needed.