new cart and Where's the bass ?

So I was dusting the plinth awhile back and broke the cantilever on my clearaudio virtuoso wood. That cart sounded great until that horrible accident. So I got a Grado Statement 1 (nos) from a friend. This cart has never been used was about $2800 a few years ago, now it is $3500. A moving iron .5 mv . I loaded it at 47-50 k and a 60 db gain from my Phonomena. It sounds good on the highs, midrange, female vocals, soundstage, smooth etc. The bass is missing.
I mean missing like not there. I tried a lower loan at 2k and noting.
What's going on here? Is this thing a lemon or am I missing something?
I've used a Grado Sonata for quite a while with no shortage of bass with a multitude of speakers. I'd double check the setup again.
I have checked out the settings and do not know if the phonomena II has any internal switches that I am unaware of?
This cart is a moving iron device. The booklet and online pdf talk about internal configeration but then only refer to the external dip switches. I called Grado Fri and no one was available. Can call Musical Surroundings Mon for help if no one here has a clue to solve this mystery.
Samhar is probably correct. Lower the arm a bit, and the bass will most likely improve. This is typical of a Grado. It could take quite a few plays for the suspension to loosen back up on an NOS Grado that has been sitting idle for awhile, too.
Problem solved. Wires were reversed on cart connections. Grado apparently does things backward from what many other do. Sounds good now that bass has returned. Thanks for the ideas.