New cartridge for Eminent Technology ET2

I am running an MC Sigma Genesis 2000 on an ET 2 with the damping trough on a heavily modded HW19 MK IV. All purchased together over 25 years ago. I have all the original kit that came with the ET2.

I am thinking of upgrading to the heavier and lower compliance Hana Umami Red.

Caveats, recommends, etc?  

I have glanced at the very extensive ET tonearm thread and would rather not read all 47 pages. I've gleaned I need the magnesium tonearm and should lose the trough.



I am not familiar with the ET arm, but I do have  a MC Sigma Genesis cart and think it is one of the greats of all time. I had Soundsmith retip mine and they did a great job. You might want to consider the same if you really like the cartridge, which I'm told was made by Zyx.

Appreciate advice. My dealer is going to do that but I thought I would also seek input using this knowledge base. 

I would suggest to determine what the ideal cartridge weight/compliance characteristic is for your ET2 and pick a cart from by there versus pick a cart and then work to get the arm to like it :)

It is adaptable with different wands for different cartridge specs.  I would use the magnesium version.

Firstly the monster Sigma Genesis was designed by the founder of Zyx - so if you like the sound of your Monster have a look at the Zyx range as an alternative to the Hand Umami.

I have owned an ET2 for over 30 years. You do not need the Magnesium arm to run a low compliance cartridge - it is not essential, though it might improve the sound. All you need to so is use the correct leaf spring and weight combo for low compliance cartridges - less counterweight further out on the beam.

Personally I don't use any dampening trough, I find it slugs the sound.