New Cary DMS 700

 I have the 600 and it is a great piece. 

The 700 looks to be on the next level. Ladder dac
Looking hard at DMS 700, but not sure if I want all in one or separate pieces.  Alternative combination is Aqua La Voce S3 w Evo 432 standard streamer.  Anyone care to chime in on what would be the better sounding set-up?
Looks like retail on the Cary and the seperates are real close. Street price will probably be 1500 cheaper w the Cary.  Now add in an extra  aftermarket power cord a a good usb or hdmi you are adding another 800 or so. 2300 extra but you are getting a ripper and 2 tb ssd.   If the DMS 700 sounds as good as that set I would be ecstatic . 
I originally purchased a full Cary Audio system when they were just getting started with their direct sales model.  Even though I received a nice discount, ever since then, I have been in competition with them when I try to sell one of my components.  With their direct sales model, list price means nothing as they discount heavily to move product.  This has adversely affected my resale value and initial investment.  Also, for those customers that have had to send their units back for service, I feel your pain.  Technical Support will not accept any phone calls and has made it very clear to me that e-mail will be the only way they will communicate with me.  Not very customer centric.  I am able to speak to the Sales Manager for some minor technical issues.  Also, since COVID19 hit, their reduced workforce has delayed service repairs as you are put on the back burner as they try to move new product.  If you complain enough they will react, otherwise your unit will be held hostage until they get to it.  Back on topic.  I upgraded from the Cary DMS 500 to the Cary DMS 600 and have been very happy with the sound.  With their initial offering of the DMS 700 at $5995, they were only giving me $2,000 for my relatively new DMS 600 on trade.  I do not think anyone will be able to justify a $4,000 difference in sound no matter how good their ears are.  As was explained to me a while back when the DMS 600 came out, it is Cary Audio's intention to upgrade this streaming unit every 1-1/2 to 2 years. 

Like LXGREEN I also purchased from Cary because everything is built in the USA and even took the time to travel to their facility in Raleigh NC and met with the owner.  They are very nice people!  Just difficult to deal with from a service standpoint.  I want to speak to a real human being.  When trying to explain a service problem, I have been openly criticized on multiple occasions by multiple Cary personnel for writing too long of e-mails.  (Just as I am doing now).  So I have had to alter how I correspond with them.  Take this as constructive advice for any Cary customer who reads this and has a service problem.  I apologize for the lengthy response, but some things about this company need to be expressed.
So has anyone got the 700 hooked up and running yet?I am in the same boat as many, looking at the T2  and the 700. Cary is really running behind as I ordered a slp-05 preamp to audition on 12/23 and still nothing at the door. Currently running Magnipan 3.7’s & Thiel 2.4’s with a Pass X250.8 so I do like detail but hoping the Cary pre will slightly smooth the highs on some digital recordings. If it does then I may be more inclined to go the T2 route as lumin has a decent app as well.
Do not think any have been shipped yet. Hopefully the 700 will have the detail of the Lumin T2 without the etch over long term listening in a brighter side of neutral system.  The T2 is a real nice player if you have the matching  room/electronics/cabling/speakers.  I think a perfect speaker cable for the T2 would be the Silversmith Fidelium. Very neutral thru the mids and highs with detailed bass that needs to be heard. Excited for the 700 though as I enjoy the 600 and it should be a couple of notches better.