New Cary DMS 700

 I have the 600 and it is a great piece. 

The 700 looks to be on the next level. Ladder dac
Mine is coming tomorrow. See how it stacks up against the 600. Have an SR orange fuse waiting. : )
Wow you bit the bullet and did the upgrade - congratulations! It will be very interesting to hear your thoughts on how it compares to the 600.

Yes - the SD card is my best sounding source. I keep my highest resolution material (128/256 DSD and 192/24 352/24 PCM) on a couple of Lexar Professional 633x 1TB SDXC UHS-I cards (formatted to NTFS).

I am amazed that other manufactures don’t include SD Card capabilities, I wish Cary Audio would have included two slots.

Will you also use an upgraded power cable?
Yea I have an Audience AU 24Se power chord on the Cary. Also an EtherRegen in front of it. Sitting on Stillpoints Ultra Minis.  Everything adds up. 
+1 for the EtherRegen. I am also using a Sonore OM upstream of that with Fiber to the EtherRegen. And a BG7TBL clock for the EtherRegen ($100 well spent - see